“Lose Weight Really Fast”


How to Diet With The Venus Factor

This program has exploded in popularity over the past six months.

There are many reasons for this, but it’s mainly because the author is a nutritionist who promises you can change the amount of fat-storing hormones in your body by eating a certain way.

In fact, the video presentation makes a big deal about how women need a different approach to weight loss because of a hormone called leptin.

But is it all a bunch of hype, or is there anything to it?


The question is what is the right diet?

What should be the perfect diet for your weight loss regime?

You must understand that what you eat is relatively less important as compared to how much calories you consume.

The junk foods are not the only delicacies that induce people to overeat. Many people tend to consume excessive calories through the so-called healthy foods during the fitness regime and realize their mistakes when they analyze why the program failed to deliver the desired results.

Some people consume lots of seeds and nuts considering them as the healthy food.

The nuts and seeds provide a high amount of calories and eating lots of them can defeat your weight-loss program as you are possibly not going to add that amount of calories by eating other foods.

Although only a few handfuls of nuts would be sufficient for the women’s calorie requirements for the entire day, but they would hardly relieve your hunger.

The ‘health halo effect’ of the healthy foods makes you believe that healthy food means less calorie content.

Similarly, the foods shunned as unhealthy give the notion as if they contain excessive calories.

The healthy and unhealthy categorization has nothing to do with the calorie contents of the foods and therefore, you must concentrate on the calorie contents of what you eat.


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Once you manage your calorie intake, your weight-loss program will deliver expected results regardless whether you eat healthy food or the fast food delicacies which are termed as unhealthy.
Most often, people end up consuming more calories by overeating healthy foods than they would have consumed by eating their favorite foods, including special delicacies with lots of enjoyment as well.

You should avoid any such distraction by focusing on what is healthy or unhealthy.

The total calorie intake is what that affects your fitness regime, and it hardly matters what is the source of these calories, as long as they remain within the program guidelines.

No fitness program can ever provide results if you consume lots of calories. You can eat whatever you like and still achieve impressive results from your fitness program if the calorie intake remains within reasonable limits.

The solution for the best diet plan is quite simple. You can eat anything you wish as long as the total calorie intake during the day remains within the limits defined by your fitness regime.


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"Lose Weight Really Fast"

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